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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Catch and Release – a drive-by review

Salamander by Thomas Wharton

I am only 90 pages in, but so far, Salamander promises to be one of the most original books I’ve read. It is a bit philosophical (Like a Lite Sophie’s World) but the satisfying in its use of riddles and inside jokes in a way that I have not seen since Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series.
It is original, and engaging, maybe not so much (so far) as the incredible The Gargoyle, but it is enough that I want to recommend it to all you “fishers of books”out there. Interesting characters, yes, but even more fantastic is the reference to The Battle of the Plains of Abraham. We all want to see a bit of ourselves in what we read, and that is one story that has not been used as the basis for any novel I have read.
Give it a try…see if you like it.